In the area of ​​Construction Engineering carried out activities to achieve:

• The development of an idea that allows the realization of an architectural project with the objective of achieving a quality product.

• The application of project management techniques and optimization of procurement costs and allows us to control at all times of financial details of the project.

• Meeting the needs of the administration and the private sector in the development of real estate projects.

• Review architectural project.

The Global Project Management Area encompasses advisory activities to the promoter and monitor them, grouped under the following headings:

In this area advisory activities to the promoter and the monitoring thereof, grouped into the following items are included:

• Feasibility studies and project promotion.

• predimensioning initial costs.

• Advice to own procurement systems of the project and its implementation methods.

• The need for control method billing contracts and monitoring of suppliers according to the program of works.

• The implementation of programs of control and timely monitoring.

• Advice on the economic control of the promotion.