The section Technical Audit - Technical Control Agency Area Building Engineering C & F, performs the technical control activities necessary to subscribe for the decennial insurance policy for damages prescribed by the Law 38/1999 of 5 November Construction Planning, as an independent body for all agents involved in the construction process.

The basic mission of C & F as Technical Control Agency is to inform the insurance company about the technical risks that may result from a defect in the durability of the works refer to:

1. Foundation: foundation work to ensure the transmission to ground loads transmitted through the building.

2. Structure: the works of structures that have been designed to receive and transmit loads of all kinds.

3. fixed façade and roof works directly contributing to the strength and stability.

As a result of this control and in order to ensure the decennial insurance coverage provided for in Article 19.1, c) of the Act of Construction Planning, reports are made to the relevant insurance companies.

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